19 October, 2010

"We were on a break!"

I know I don't blog often, and as stated before, you guys understand that it's due to financial issues that very often occur with baking and big culinary projects. I always like to include posts on things I'm really proud of creating, so of course I'm not going to blog about my daily dinner routines - I want you to see lovely cakes and cookies all over my page :) Obviously I can't bake six times a week or whatever, and with work and Uni it's very hard to make time for it all.
This added with the mounting academic work I have to accomplish in a couple very short months has meant that I have to come to a desicion about my blog. I'm taking a break. I'm sure you won't miss me, seeing as I only have a very small following, but I do appreciate your interest in it nontheless. I'll still record my commissions and stuff over the next few weeks and blog about it when I come back,  but I definitely think that I need to get my head down and sort out my other work first. Blogging is a choice, not a necessity.

So with that said, ciao for now guys, be back soon :)
Happy Baking x

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