07 May, 2010

Look what I bought!

I am gettin super duper excited for Jim's 21st birthday now... I very nearly have everything for his cake, but couldn't wait until it all arrived. I thought I'd share with you the sorts of goodies I've bought so far, since it's not really the norm you'd find in your kitchen cupboards.
As I've already said before, I'm going to be making a cupcake tier cake for him. He has a blue/black/silver theme going on for the decorations and such like, so I've bought things to go along with the theme. My mum thinks that the colours are a bit gash together, but I like them :)
Okay, so what do we have here?
 - A 23-space cupcake tier stand, £12.00 from Amazon. I've found these elsewhere for more than double that price so snap them up quickly - they're the perfect item for displaying your yummy muffins and cupcakes.
- Silver wire. £2 from Lawsons. All will be revealed in about a month's time :D
- Blue, black and white icing. £2-3 each from Lawsons. Ready to roll, I'm going to cut little shapes out of the icing to stick on the cupcakes. Then I'll use writing icing to write little messages like 'Happy 21st Birthday' and 'Jim' on the cakes.
- Piping bag and large nozzles. £4 from Lawsons. Ever been to Mr Bun's Bakery? They have extra-wide buttercream patterns on their cakes, which are a lot simpler and nicer to look at then star-shaped nozzles. I'll be using these.
- Large circular silver cake base. £4 from Lawsons. I'm going to put the cake stand on this so that I get an extra tier out of the cupcakes - more for everyone! :D Plus it's all about presentation, haha...
- '21' diamante cake decoration - £5 from Lawsons. I know it's a bit girly, but I'm going to man it up a bit for the cake, don't worry.. I have faith in my designs!
As you can see, I've bought an awful lot from Lawsons. As far as I know, there's only stores in Plymouth and Tavistock. It's a great shop for kitchen items, and they specialise in making custom-made cakes, especially for weddings. They've got a great selection of examples in display, including a castle wedding cake, and a cake with tier pillars made out of dolly mixtures! They are reasonably priced, too. They've got a website if you don't live near one, check them out: http://www.lawsonshop.co.uk/ .

Stay tuned, this cake is going to be amazing :D

Kirsten x