16 February, 2010

My First Time

Hi, so you found my blog? Wonderful, it must mean you're after some tasty treats for yourself and others to enjoy :) I hope I can help you with that. I really do love cooking, not just baking (although, don't you find making dessert is waaaaaay more fun?!) and I've started this blog not only for my personal use but so that you guys can also learn cool new recipes and tips for in the kitchen. I've found that recipe books are so dull and boring to choose and buy that it's just easier to whack in a dish into Google and search 'til you find a recipe you think's gonna work. Most of the sites I end up on are blogs or similar sites that lots of people can add and amend to, so I'm doing the same with this one :)

I'll be blogging my most favourite recipes, and also want to try new things. My boyfriend's recently found out he is diabetic, so this makes it such a challenge for me to find healthy and yummy foods for him. I could learn a lot from you guys, too. If you have any tips I'm more than grateful for you to get in touch!

Happy baking! Feel free to comment if you have any queries.

Kirsten x

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