26 January, 2011

Chocolate Melt in the Middle Buns

I say buns... I'm sick of the word cupcake. I'm British. And after choosing to do a bloody dissertation on that fricking subject I refuse to refer to fairy cakes as them. Anyone with me on this?
Anywho, ranting aside, Abby and I decided to make some scrumptious buns the other day - chocolate melt in the middle with chocolate buttercream (not frosting ;) ) and sugar decorations. I can't remember the recipe as such, but it doesn't matter - any general chocolate bun mixture will suffice; the only difference you make for the "melt in the middle" part is by adding a square of your favourite chocolate into the middle of the buncases when you've filled them about a 1/3 of the way full.
The recipe we used did advise to eat them straight away, and we did for the image above, and they were extremely yummy! However I waited a few hours before sharing with my other half, and the square of Galaxy I'd used had turned back to a solid :(

Luckily, as an alternative, I know how to make the real melt in the middle puddings. I'd try using a melted chocolate and double cream mixture in the centre of each fairy cake next time - preferably dark chocolate even though I don't like it on it's own - it does add to the flavour.
I've got a cake treat for the majority of my followers in the next post ;) Hopefully it will turn out alright, it's setting at the moment...

Happy Baking x


  1. These look rather lovely!! I didn't know buttercream and frosting was the same thing, i hate buttercream and now i know to stay away from "frosting" too haha! Love this post! xx

  2. Haha yeah pretty much the same thing, I've bought Betty Crocker chocolate frosting before and it's a bit richer than buttercream but it's the same principle really :) Just watched an american tutorial about something and they were like "spread the frosting evenly..." bla bla silly people! xxx

  3. Thanks for the pic! :/ turd ;)

    I will do your background and shiz today missus! xxly